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What is gumdrop?

Gumdrop is an iOS mobile app for creators to find and discover brand collabs. If you’re a content creator on Instagram or TikTok, you can choose from 10-20 pre-approved, personalized collabs every week from dozens of beloved brands with more than 10,000 products across beauty and skincare, men’s and women’s apparel, tech, and more.

Who's eligible for free collabs?

Yes! gumdrop is 100% free to use. Based on your social profile, you may be eligible for free or discounted collab opportunities.

How do I get free collabs?

Brands pre-approve each creator they work with, and look for different factors:

Over 10k followers
Brands vet for real followers over bots.

Strong follower engagement
Metrics such as views, likes, comments from real followers on past content

Content quality
Brands look for high quality video and photo content