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Why isn't my coupon code for collab working?

Please wait for about 30 minutes and give it another shot. After claiming an item, just click 'Order on site,' and you should be directed to the brand's website, where your code should be applied automatically.

Where is my promo code for followers?

Your promo code will be generated once your order is fulfilled. Then your promo codes will appear in the ‘Codes’ section of the app. You can also customize your promo codes there!

When will I be paid?

Referrals and commissions are paid out monthly, generally on the 15th of the month. For referrals, the referred user must post and leave the post up for at least 7 days to get paid out.

How do I know how much I will be paid?

Referrals: Referrals are $20 per referred user. Remember, you only get paid out for a referral if the referred user completes a post and leaves the post up for 7 days. Payouts are generally paid out on the 15th of every month for referrals completed in the previous calendar month.

Commissions: The amount of your commission payment is dependent on how many of your followers use your discount. At this time, we’re unable to specify the amount of commission you are going to get paid out prior to the payout being processed, which generally occurs on the 15th of every month for transactions that are completed in the previous calendar month.

I don’t like my collabs, how do I get new ones?

Each week, we’ll refresh your collabs from new brands so hopefully you’ll find something you like more in next week’s drop. In the meantime, feel free to mark things in the app as ‘I’m interested’ so we know which items may be good to include in future drops.

I don’t see the products I marked as “I’m interested” in my drop.

We try our best to surface the best products you’re interested in, but sometimes they may not be available. This could be due to a variety of reasons and varies brand by brand.

My app isn’t working.

Try closing the app and restarting it, and make sure you’re using the latest version of the app.

Why can’t I see any Collection Lounge items?

Collection Lounge has been overwhelmed with User Generated Content and is currently in the process of revising their influencer-related policies/offers. During the revision process, the brand won't be featured as much on gumdrop.

Why are you asking for my PayPal information?

You're asked to link your PayPal Account so we can pay you out in the event of a successful referral or if you earn commissions. To be clear, gumdrop is not collecting your PayPal account information, you're signing in directly through PayPal.

Why am I seeing products that aren’t free to me?

Brands inform gumdrop whether they want to offer creators products for free or heavily discounted based on a review of your engagement stats. This can change over time as brands change their priorities and your engagement stats increase!

Can I get paid for doing collabs instead?

Unfortunately right now, we're only doing gifted collabs.

Why haven’t I received money for a referral?

To earn money for a referral, your referred creator needs to complete collab (order and post), and leave the post up for 7 days. After that 7-day period, you’ll usually get paid on the 15th of the next calendar month (sometimes sooner).

How long does a post have to stay live for on my feed?

In order to complete a collab and get credit for it, your post has to stay up for at least 7 days. We encourage you to keep it up as long as possible, but 7 days is the minimum to complete a collab.

The app won’t let me connect by Instagram or TikTok.

Sometimes, those apps have outages or planned maintenance. Usually, if you try again it will work as those outages are typically pretty short.

Can I do a reel instead of a post?

No worries at all! Publishing a reel is perfectly fine and still fulfills the purpose of the collaboration. It works just as well as a regular post.

How do you calculate my commission?

Our awesome system calculates commissions based on the usage of promo codes, and we've got some super smart algorithms in place. This means you, as a creator, will be fairly and accurately compensated, which is fantastic!